Daniela Klasen-Martin (Crestbridge)

“I have always felt as an expat”


Daniela Klasen-Martin: “Luxembourg offers an extremely international environment and amazing career opportunities.” (Photo: Crestbridge)

As part of the “10x6 Expat Women” organised by the Paperjam Club on Wednesday 29 March one of the speakers, Daniela Klasen-Martin (Crestbridge), explains the reasons why she moved to Luxembourg and what she found there.

What motivated you to move to Luxembourg?

“I moved from Paris to work in Luxembourg in July 1997.

I didn’t know much about Luxembourg before moving here. My husband had a career opportunity and could choose different places. I suggested Luxembourg, as I knew it was already a well-developed financial centre and that, given my background in finance, I could have opportunities to find a job easier than in other locations. 

What personal and professional opportunities/difficulties have you encountered here?

“I haven’t encountered any difficulties. Of course, when I moved in 1997, Luxembourg was a much smaller place and had fewer offers with regards to leisure than it currently has and, coming from a bigger city like Paris, we had to adapt to a different style of life. Today Luxembourg offers an incomparable quality of life, in particular for families, with a broad choice of cultural and other activities. Professionally I have only positive things to say. Luxembourg offers an extremely international environment and amazing career opportunities. I consider myself as a European; born in Southern Italy, my mother is Italian and my father is Swedish.

I have always felt as an expat whether it was in Italy, where I have lived until I was 18 years old, or in Sweden, where I completed my MScBA and worked a few years, or in France. Luxembourg is the only place I felt ‘normal’, as many people in the business community work to combine different cultural backgrounds, speak several languages and are born somewhere else than in Luxembourg. A very interesting melting pot! 

In one sentence, how would you define your expatriation in Luxembourg?

“It is one of those places you need to have very compelling reasons to leave; the only thing I miss is the sea!”

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