Ekaterina Volotovskaya (Deloitte)

“I always say that Luxembourg treats me well”


Ekaterina Volotovskaya: “Both me and my business partners had to go through cultural adaptation.” (Photo: Deloitte)

As part of the 10x6 Expat Women organised by the Paperjam Club on Wednesday 29 March, one of the speakers, Ekaterina Volotovskaya (Deloitte), explains the reasons why she moved to Luxembourg and what she found there.

Ms Volotovskaya, what motivated you to move to Luxembourg?

“I moved to Luxembourg looking for international professional experience. After five years working for the Big Four in Moscow I wanted to have new challenges serving audit clients of different geographical origins. As I specialised in the audit of banks and other financial institutions Luxembourg was my country of choice.

What personal and professional opportunities/difficulties have you encountered here?

“I always say that Luxembourg treats me well. I have made my career here – moving all the way up from senior to partner. Outside of my audit work I became a president of the Luxembourg Russia Business Chamber in 2012, first female president of the bilateral business Chamber in Luxembourg. I must say it was not always easy in the beginning – Russian women in professional services were (and still are) not very common for Luxembourg, so both me and my business partners had to go through cultural adaptation.

In one sentence, how would you define your expatriation in Luxembourg?

“I would do it again.”

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