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Frank van Kuijk (Tax partner - Loyens & Loeff Luxembourg)

“A personal growth that we highly value”


Frank van Kuijk, tax partner. (Photo: Loyens & Loeff)

Loyens & Loeff Luxembourg renews its Paperjam Club membership. Introduction in three questions.

Could you please, in a few words, describe for us your company’s activity? 

“Loyens & Loeff Luxembourg, one of the largest law firms in Luxembourg, with more than 130 lawyers and tax specialists, handles all matters relating to corporate law, investment funds, private equity and venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, banking, capital markets, litigation, real estate, employment law, and direct and indirect tax law. The office mainly services multinationals, banks, public institutions, investment funds, and high net-worth individuals, operating internationally. 

You have just renewed your Paperjam Club membership. What convinced you to do so?

“As part of the Club you get to attend engaging workshops and conferences on various topics, and because the members are so diversified it is a great opportunity to meet promising business relations from various sectors. Thanks to our membership, every colleague is able to attend a workshop or a conference that is relevant for him or for her. This is a place where they can learn, acquire new skills or specialise in a particular field, a personal growth that we highly value at Loyens & Loeff Luxembourg.

What in particular are you looking to get from the Club? And what does your organisation have to offer to other Club members?

“Knowledge, networking, visibility. The Club gives many opportunities to improve your soft and hard skills, exchange with executives and peers and demonstrate your expertise. Indeed, we have much to offer in terms of legal and tax advice, by inter alia animating conferences or presenting workshops in order to discuss hot topics of the legal and tax world. We hope to enlighten our audience on the challenges they meet every day and we are, of course, very glad to do so.”