Denise Voss (Alfi)

“A deep appreciation of the international community”


Denise Voss: “I strongly believe that I wouldn’t have had the same professional opportunities in the US that I’ve had in Luxembourg.” (Photo: Lala La Photo)

As part of the 10x6 Expat Women organised by the Paperjam Club on Wednesday 29 March, one of the speakers, Denise Voss (Alfi), explains the reasons why she moved to Luxembourg and what she found there.

Ms Voss, what motivated you to move to Luxembourg?

“My original motivation was to spend two years in a French-speaking country, after many years learning French in school in the US. I worked for Coopers & Lybrand in Boston at the time and the obvious choice was Paris, however, when I visited the Luxembourg office of C&L in 1990, I was not only welcomed with open arms by the local team but somehow Luxembourg just felt right. Years later I would articulate that as – from a professional perspective - a feeling that I could directly contribute to the start of something big (the beginning of Luxembourg’s development to being today the second-largest fund centre in the world, after the US), as well as – from a personal perspective – a deep appreciation of the international and close-knit community I found here.  

What personal and professional opportunities/difficulties have you encountered here?

“I strongly believe that I wouldn’t have had the same professional opportunities in the US that I’ve had in Luxembourg; in part because of the investment fund community’s long-standing practice of working together to make the Luxembourg fund industry the best centre for investment funds. Early on I had opportunities to contribute directly to the industry via involvement in Alfi working groups and in the promotion of Luxembourg and its fund centre abroad, again, opportunities I’m not certain I would have had in the US. At a personal level I know I’m joined by many in saying that there’s an almost unique possibility to find that elusive work/life balance here in Luxembourg. 

In one sentence, how would you define your expatriation in Luxembourg?

“Almost from the start I knew Luxembourg would be where I would make my home.”

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