What is the Luxembourg Java User Group?


The Luxembourg Java User Group (LuxJUG) is a vendor-independent, non-profit and neutral organization that aims to promote in Luxembourg the awareness, the knowledge and the adoption of the Java platform and of its related technologies.

LuxJUG is aimed at providing a place and an infrastructure to share experiences and to provide a mean to stay on top of the fast evolving wave of the new IT technologies.

While LuxJUG is focusing on the Java platform, it also provides a bunch of competencies in OO methodologies (UML, OMT,?), in distributed objects (CORBA, ORB, 3-tier architectures,?) and in databases (OODBMS, RDBMS, ?).

LuxJUG is the place to...

- share your experience,

- find guidance and the answers to the questions you may have,

- present your products, your projects and/or your compe-


- learn and to stay informed on what is happening with the Java  

  platform here in Luxembourg and abroad.

Who are we and who is supporting us?

While LuxJUG is still a young initiative, it already received the support of an other JUG, of some companies, and of several individuals coming from different leading ICT companies and from a research center.

Currently, the LuxJUG's Main Board is lead by the following members :

- Michel BOXHO, Managing Coordinator

- Jérôme GODARD, Webmaster

- Yves LEBLOND, Communication and Sponsors

- Mauro MARIANI, Chairman

- Yves NULLENS, User Representative

- Sébastien STORMACQ, Technical Coordinator

We would like to emphasize the fact that LuxJUG is a non-profit, open and neutral organization, please do not hesitate to join our General Assembly (see the Voting Member membership) to possibly become an Administrator within the Main Board.

Since January 1999, the LuxJUG has taken part to- and has responsibilities within the SPIRAL network.

Who should take part to the LuxJUG?


Everyone with an interest for the Java technology can/should become a member of the LuxJUG. You are either an expert or a beginner, a student, a researcher or a professional, ? No matter, all levels of Java user are welcome. Both technological and commercial people should find some interest joining the LuxJUG. LuxJUG also encourages all vendors and developers to communicate with our organization and to inform us about any Java-related stuff. The LuxJUG initiative is user-oriented: it especially welcomes (potential) users of the Java technology from the insurance companies, from the financial and banking institutions and, from any area of the industry.

A LuxJUG specific and moderated newsgroup.