Fintech Awards

“We are keen to settle in Luxembourg”


Yannick Grelot (CEO de Deecision): “Even if we are confident, being part of this very esteemed list of challengers is a first award of our endeavours!” (Photo: DR)

À la veille de l’édition 2018 des Fintech Awards, est allé demander aux quinze demi-finalistes de se présenter brièvement et partager leurs ambitions. Le CEO de la start-up française Deecision (regtech), Yannick Grelot, s’est prêté au jeu.

Mr Grelot, why did you decide to participate in the Fintech Awards?

“One of our clients advised us to meet people from the Lhoft. They immediately perceived the added value of our platform and strongly advised us to participate in the very competitive Fintech Awards of Luxembourg. The team that assesses fintech solutions are very sharp at appraising them.

What is the value proposition of your solution?

“Our platform, DNA-Diligence & Network Amplifier, reconciliates compliance and business by naturally reengineering customer lifecycle, from origination to customer management. It provides KPI and relevant information in order to assist decision-making in a collaborative way.

To make it short, with our collaborative augmented customer knowledge we turn this intangible asset into a very measurable assets.

It is now used for more than three years by major actors of private banking, wealth management, corporate finance and investment banking. It addresses the same target from a different perspective making it holistic. We are more than a regtech, we provide more than a KYC!

What will you do if you win? Would Luxembourg be a potential hub for you to attack the international market?

“We hope so. Even if we are confident, being part of this very esteemed list of challengers is a first award of our endeavours! 

Definitely yes! We are keen to settle in Luxembourg because we know that the grand duchy offers us a vantage point with relevant resources: ecosystem, highly skilled people, customers, regulators, potential partners and financial means for our growth (not only organically).

We know it should be a very exclusive and dedicated place for fintech; Luxembourg is a place with a strong will to leverage transformation through innovation for the financial industry. We hope Deecision to be part of this momentum!”