Fintech Awards

“Luxembourg, a significant business hub for us”


Niall Bellabarba (directeur international d’Elinvar): “If we were to win, I am sure we would raise a couple glasses of champagne to celebrate our new high on the international stage.” (Photo: Elinvar)

À la veille de l’édition 2018 des Fintech Awards, est allé demander aux 15 demi-finalistes de se présenter brièvement et partager leurs ambitions. Le CEO de la start-up allemande Elinvar (gestion de placements), Niall Bellabarba, s’est prêté au jeu.

Why did you decide to participate in the Fintech Awards?

“Firstly, Luxembourg is a massive financial centre in Europe. The concentration of banks, assets and financial know-how make it an easy choice for a German fintech player like Elinvar.

Secondly, Luxembourg has the ‘fin’ part of fintech, but what we have noticed in the last years is that it is investing heavily in the ‘tech’ side.

This combination of historic strength, global contacts and expertise, but also willingness to invest, engage and focus on technology make it a very interesting destination for us.

What is the value proposition of your solution?

“Succeeding in wealth management nowadays implies commanding a superior ability in the domain of technology. But this is not easy for traditional wealth managers. Elinvar offers wealth managers a digital B2B2C platform for their business: comprehensive, digital, and customised for each partner’s business model.

As part of its comprehensive service portfolio, Elinvar includes ‘plug and play’ implementations, state-of-the-art API management for third parties, customer identification (KYC processes), market data and communication providers.

Partners profit from the combination of leading technology and functional expertise of a fully licenced portfolio manager. Elinvar’s technology platform is built on a cutting edge micro-service architecture and thus ensures sustained competitiveness for its business partners.

What will you do if you win? Would Luxembourg be a potential hub for you to attack the international market?

“If we were to win, I am sure we would raise a couple glasses of champagne to celebrate our new high on the international stage.

We are quietly confident that the Elinvar product will be well received also locally, and as we expand internationally, Luxembourg is likely to become in time a very significant business hub for us.

The expertise Luxembourg holds in European cross-country financial operations and passporting rights make it an attractive destination, also for long-term strategic purposes. The openness, language skills and geographical proximity to multiple large European centres make Luxembourg an extremely appealing destination for our business strategy.”