Fintech Awards

“The Fintech Awards, an important part of our journey”


Philip Schoch (cofondateur d’Apiax): “If we win, we will not hesitate to hire our first employee for business development in Luxembourg.” (Photo: Apiax)

À la veille de l’édition 2018 des Fintech Awards, est allé demander aux quinze demi-finalistes de se présenter brièvement et partager leurs ambitions. Le cofondateur de la start-up suisse Apiax (regtech), Philip Schoch, s’est prêté au jeu.

Mr Schoch, why did you decide to participate in the Fintech Awards?

“As a young regtech start-up, participating in awards is an important part of our journey. It helps us to improve ourselves, but also to get our name out there. If an award is located in a market that is a target market for us and backed by strong partners, we are keen to participate in the competition.

And in this case, we answer both questions with a bold yes: Luxembourg is a global wealth centre and definitely on our map for our European expansion. Besides, the Lhoft has a very good reputation and can help us become better.

What is the value proposition of your solution?

“Apiax builds the most powerful and flexible tools to master complex financial regulations digitally. Our toolset allows to transform complex regulations into digital compliance rules which are constantly up-to-date and verified.

We combine exceptional legal expertise with outstanding technological capabilities to create a product that is exceptionally useful to regulatory experts as well as perfectly suited for the open banking- and API-economy.

What will you do if you win? Would Luxembourg be a potential hub for you to attack the international/European market?

“Definitely! If we win, we will not hesitate to hire our first employee for business development in Luxembourg.

That person will help us developing the Luxembourg market and the markets of neighbouring countries. In return, we will help Luxembourg to position itself in the growing regtech space.”