Extended Reality, The End of Distance

 (Photo: Accenture Luxembourg )

(Photo: Accenture Luxembourg )

Teleportation may not be a reality just yet, but immersive experiences through technologies like virtual and augmented reality are taking us to far away places and making distance a thing of the past. Extended reality is the first technology to “relocate” people in time and space, and we are here for it.

As immersive experiences spread across industries, the fundamental changes to enterprise and society are clear: the importance of place is disappearing.

Extended reality is bridging distances to access information, people, and experiences.

Leaders are using XR to address some of the biggest pain points in enterprise. Whether it’s workforce training, day-to-day productivity, or immersive customer experiences, extended reality offers the opportunity to redesign business without the limiting factor of distance.

With #extendedreality, the end of distance is finally possible. #TechVision2018

BMW offers an AR-driven exploration of its models, even letting people get “inside” and explore.

Through immersive experiences, businesses can tap expertise in thousands of skills from anywhere in the world. Across industries and applications, immersive experiences are pushing companies to not only think differently about what is possible, but also to create new solutions that bypass the distance-based challenges they face today.


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