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Data Veracity, The Importance of Trust


Inaccurate and manipulated information threatens to compromise the insights companies rely on to plan, operate, and grow. Unverified data is a new type of vulnerability, and one that every business leveraging digital technologies must address.

Autonomous, data-driven decision-making is increasing across industries. Left unchecked, the potential harm from bad data becomes an enterprise-level existential threat. Ensuring the integrity and veracity of data has now become paramount to strong leadership.

Confidence in the integrity of a company’s data and insights is critical to business.

Companies don’t need to accept the risks of poor data quality. The truth is out there, and every business must build a data intelligence practice, drawing from existing data science and cybersecurity capabilities.

By making these investments, companies will generate more value from data, and the right data intelligence practice will help ensure the success of other digital transformation initiatives.

Even the best analytics systems are only as good as the data they crunch. #dataquality #TechVision2018

The time is now to bet big on advances in data-hungry technologies. Yet without an accompanying push for data veracity, these investments could easily become a losing bet. A successful data intelligence practice will support business that can be confident in its insights while alerting business to new potential threats.

At a Glance

Find out more about the opportunities and challenges of data veracity, and how to address this new vulnerability using existing capabilities and tools.

Our SlideShare shows how leading companies are building data integrity and veracity today.


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