Citizen AI, raising AI to benefit business


Artificial intelligence is everywhere, growing in its reach throughout society. Businesses need to capitalise on AI’s potential to stay in the game. As AI continues to rapidly evolve, it’s becoming a partner among people, with unprecedented access and impact on the ways people work and live.

Deploying AI is now about more than training it to perform a given task. It’s about “raising” it to act as a responsible representative of the business, and a contributing member of society.

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives smart machines the ability to behave like a person and to extend human capabilities by sensing, comprehending, acting and learning — thereby allowing people to achieve much more. At Accenture we view it as constellation of technologies able to carry out complex administrative tasks, make decisions and collaborate with humans to support them in their daily activities. AI is able to learn from labelled historical data and decisions made in the past. AI can be viewed as a child learning a language, who does this by observing what is said around him or her and deducing the meaning, without having to formally learn the rules. AI follows exactly the same logic.” Vitalie Schiopu, AI Specialist at Accenture Luxembourg.

As artificial intelligence expands further into society, the business accountability around raising a responsible and explainable AI will rapidly grow.

Raising responsible AI means addressing many of the same challenges faced in human education and growth. Companies can look to milestones of human development for guidance. People learn how to learn, then they rationalise or explain their thoughts and actions, and eventually they accept responsibility for their decisions.

#AI is more than a program. It’s becoming a citizen that must be raised responsibly. #TechVision2018

Many enterprises still treat AI as a software program, a tool. No one would expect a tool to “act” responsibly, explain its decisions, or work well with others. But with AI systems making decisions that affect people, companies must teach AI to do all of these things and more. After all, with great power comes great responsibility. We call it “Citizen AI”.

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Want to find out more about the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence as its reach and impact widens throughout society, feel free to contact our AI Specialist Vitalie Schiopu, Accenture Luxembourg.

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