The 10 Critical Success Factors


... to boost Luxembourg E.Companies in the dot.COM world.

Make a difference in Luxembourg between the relative success of the E.Users (E.Consumers: number of PCs/population, number of internet Users/population, ...) and the weak global support for E.Companies and global E.Revenues.

Success Factor N° 1

Officially nominate a Government Sponsor of the New Economy (E.Business) in Luxembourg. In the USA, the launch of Information Highways was supported by Al Gore.

Success Factor N° 2

Create an official E.Commission to define and validate a local state of the art environment, composed of Government, Administrations, Private IT Companies and E.Enterprises. Today no offical commission exists that is composed of people who know the market-trends (local and international), who have the competencies, or who can advise the government to adapt legislation.

Success Factor N° 3

Launch a Luxembourg «Silicon Valley». Neighbour countries like Belgium, Germany or France have launched their local «Silicon Valleys» (e.g. Belgium: Flanders Language Valley in Ypres [www.sail.com] with Lernout & Hauspie, Microsoft, EDS,...)

Success Factor N° 4

Open the telecommunication infrastructure market (authorise global international telecommunication companies to dig and link Luxembourg to their global hubs). Lower telecommunication fees. Increase communication speed. Install state of the art, secure IT Data Centres and simplify the «Comodo/Incomodo» process.

Success Factor N° 5

Create special education programs in order to increase the number of IT resources on the Luxembourg labour market. The success of the E.Companies depends on the level and the number of specialised IT  resources available on the market.

Success Factor N° 6

Streamline and simplify the process of issuing «Working Permits/Green Cards» to specialised IT Companies and/or IT Experts. Luxembourg needs experienced and specialised people from non EC countries to make its E.Companies successful and help them to grow at the same speed as the world market. Non EC IT experts can be used to train local IT juniors and bring them up to speed.

Success Factor N° 7

Create a real, high performance and attractive opportunity for Venture Capitalists (Business Angels). Luxembourg is one of the most famous banking places in the world yet its venture capitalist environment is one of the weakest in the world.

Success Factor N° 8

Implement legislation for Stock Option Plans in Luxembourg. Luxembourg tax authorities allow stock option plans but each plan has to be negociated individually. Start-Ups have to negociate more important issues than a stock option plan before they become successful.

Success Factor N° 9

Vote a law allowing advantages to Luxembourg E.Companies compared to foreign companies. Luxembourg has created special laws for different industrrial sectors like the bank or the  media sector.

Success Factor N° 10

Create a favorable local New Stock Market (linked with other major european stock markets) to help Luxembourg Start-Ups in making successful IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) and obtain the necessary financial capital. Create a stock market like the «Neue Markt» in Frankfurt or the «Nouveau Marché» in Paris. Start-Ups become only successful on the global market with Stock Options, Venture Capitalists and IPOs.