Liontrust Sustainable Multi-Asset Fund launch

Peter Michaelis, head of the Liontrust Sustainable Investment team. (Photo: Liontrust)

Peter Michaelis, head of the Liontrust Sustainable Investment team. (Photo: Liontrust)

Liontrust celebrates 20 years of sustainable investing with GF SF Multi-Asset Global launch. Peter Michaelis is head of the Liontrust Sustainable Investment team.

Liontrust’s Sustainable Investment team is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the launch of the SFDR Article 9 rated GF Sustainable Future Multi-Asset Global Fund.

This fund is approved for distribution across Europe and focuses on companies helping make the world cleaner, healthier and safer, while seeking to generate attractive returns.

·       Invests in global and infrastructure equities, and corporate bonds, plus government bonds and cash, adjusting exposures based on opportunities. Similar profile to SF Cautious Managed strategy, with 40% to 60% in equities, 20% to 50% in bonds and up to 20% in cash.

·       13-strong team headed by Peter Michaelis, who has a 20-year record running Sustainable Multi-Asset strategies.

·       Since 2015, team has shown how themes and companies contribute to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, as well as impact of investments. On average, SF funds emit 68% less carbon dioxide than markets in which they invest.

Over the 20 years we have been running the SF strategies, the key lesson proved is that integrating sustainability into stock selection can enhance returns. At launch, our goal was to deliver performance by investing in sustainable companies but at the time, this was radical: most investors felt incorporating impact was a distraction and would underperform. Today, most companies report on corporate social responsibility or ESG.

Ultimately, the key to our performance is investing in companies contributing towards a more sustainable future and we have provided capital to businesses decarbonising electricity, developing vaccines and building communication infrastructure. Most investors underestimate the speed, scale and persistency of such changes and we look at the world via three structural trends, Better resource efficiency, Improved health and Greater safety and resilience, and 21 themes.

As long-term sustainable investors, we have faced questions on whether ESG would survive the next downturn. Rather than debating sustainability, we address this via our process. We begin with themes and also require strong fundamentals and excellence in ESG; our holdings tend to have processes to manage customer relationships, employees and supply chains. As we look past Covid, techniques developed to outperform in the face of a climate emergency, obesity epidemic or failing boards will be the making of sustainable investment.

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