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“Innovation & collaboration key for Open Banking”

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Jacques Pütz, CEO at LUXHUB (Crédit: Maison Moderne)

Jacques Pütz, CEO at LUXHUB (Crédit: Maison Moderne)

We are here to unlock Open Banking’s potential. Open Banking will bring real value for customers, creating a competitive landscape and providing consumers with more choice. LUXHUB is working tirelessly to build innovative and beneficial solutions for financial Institutions, FinTechs, and end users.

Building trust, combining efforts, and improving customer experience are the key elements of LUXHUB’s daily mission

LUXHUB was quoted, last June, as being the second largest Open Banking hub in Europe and we continue to grow at a rapid pace, developing new solutions and products to address the key challenges of our customers.

The young start-up was founded in May 2018 and has grown into an established and powerful company, now active across 10 European countries. LUXHUB has comprehensive Open Banking expertise, as well as a dedicated and passionate team, ensuring that the integration process is as smooth as possible.

We are hugely ambitious and want to enable Open Banking to flourish through innovation and collaboration. The world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace and, if financial institutions want to keep up to date with new trends, they need to cooperate more closely with the FinTech and RegTech community.

LUXHUB was appointed, in November 2019, as one of the 100 most innovative RegTechs in the world

LUXHUB’s vision is to optimise the benefits of Open Banking within the European financial ecosystem. As a result, all our present and future solutions are based upon a deep understanding of the sector as a whole.

Following our mission, at the end of 2019, we launched LUXHUB One - a state-of-the-art product for account aggregation and payment initiation via a simple and unified API. LUXHUB One is a solution for financial institutions and third-party providers, enabling them to leverage Open Banking without the complex process of implementing fragmented APIs.

LUXHUB One will improve the end users’ financial life by enabling access to bank account information, making it possible to directly process payments and action money transfers. The potential benefits of LUXHUB One are vast and represent a huge step forward towards a digital future. Our clients are able to utilise the platform to build innovative solutions for their customers, creating advanced services and opening-up new revenue streams.

We believe that we can be a valuable partner in this market. Our purpose is to assist banks and financial actors in fulfilling the needs of their customers.
Jacques Pütz

Jacques Pütz,  CEO,  LUXHUB

By way of example, end customers can use the platform to aggregate all their bank accounts into one place. This provides them with a 360° view of their finances, enhancing personal financial management and providing a whole host of other services – credit scoring, income verification, etc. They are also able to deposit money to their accounts, pay invoices, and transfer money (both externally and between company accounts) directly through the platform.

LUXHUB One is an easy-to-implement solution, with transparency and security as integral components and instant benefits for our customers.

All the best financial products in one place!

Nowadays, banks are obliged to redefine their approach and strategies in order to keep pace with the digital environment. LUXHUB provides cutting-edge technical solutions and new innovative mutualised services, which all stakeholders can benefit from. In that sense, LUXHUB acts as a catalyst for accelerated innovation.

LUXHUB is currently building an Open Finance Marketplace, which will enable all financial industry stakeholders to be exposed to and make use of APIs within a trusted environment. From operational efficiency to compliance, these API products will enhance innovation and encourage greater collaboration between more traditional institutions and new market entrants, such as FinTechs and RegTechs.

On the Marketplace, LUXHUB promotes its PSD2-related service, XS2A, and LUXHUB One, providing banks, e-money institutions, and other value-added APIs. Through its Marketplace, LUXHUB aims to facilitate greater collaboration between financial institutions, FinTechs, and other technological companies.

LUXHUB Marketplace puts customers at the centre of a large financial ecosystem, where they are able to take advantage of a range of products and services that are integrated with our platform.

Connect, grow, and thrive!

LUXHUB will continue to drive future growth and deliver out-of-the-box products that will become the basis for outstanding financial solutions.

Our company gathers passionate and driven individuals, who work tirelessly to build innovative and beneficial solutions. We love a challenge, and this is why we have decided to support the largest Hackathon in Luxembourg in April 2020, with an Open Banking Challenge. LUXHUB will open up its API Sandbox environment to all participating teams for 24 hours. The purpose is to create valuable and innovative applications that will meet today’s customers’ rapidly evolving expectations.

Passion and commitment are our key drivers of excellence. We stand out for delivering efficiency and proudly represent Luxembourg on the European Open Banking map.
Jacques Pütz

Jacques Pütz,  CEO ,  LUXHUB

Over the coming months, we will continue to add new functionalities to our products and conquer new markets.

Overall, LUXHUB’s aim is to deliver trust and positive experiences in a world where there is an increased need for financial convenience.