Picture report

In conversation with Sasha Baillie – 07.07.2021

The role and scope of Luxinnovation were discussed in detail by François Génaux, partner and advisory leader at PwC (Luxembourg), and Sasha Baillie, CEO of Luxinnovation.

We discovered that its role is much more than managing the many “Fit4” programmes, for which it is perhaps best known for. Luxinnovation, in conjunction with the worldwide network of embassies and Luxembourg Trade and Investment Offices, actively identifies new international companies that may wish to use Luxembourg to host their European operations, for example.

Sasha Baillie, who was ranked 6th in the Paperjam Top 100 personalities in 2020, has many dimensions to her own role as she manages the team, provides advice to companies coming out of lock down, whilst also overseeing supports created for complete sectors such as the cluster initiative.

Unofficially, as we discovered during the Q&A, Luxinnovation are also lobbyists for change, encouraging the wider Luxembourg business ecosystem to be as customer centric as they are.

Many thanks to PwC for hosting and sponsoring this event and to Luxinnovation for their kind support.