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Fjord Trends 2019 – Part 3

Fjord Trends 2019 – Part 3 (Photo: Accenture Luxembourg)

Fjord Trends 2019 – Part 3 (Photo: Accenture Luxembourg)

Every year, Accenture identifies major trends and emerging technologies that will shape business in the next three years. In Fjord Trends 2019, we tackle the seven most important influencers of future design and innovation. In Tech Vision 2019, we explore five technology-driven trends that are creating the foundations for the post-digital era. Are you ready for what’s next?

6. Space odyssey

First, digital drove us to our screens. Then, physical fought back. Both dramatically changed our expectations of the physical world – first in retail, then in the workplace, and soon in public spaces.

Now, as digital and physical intertwine, organizations must find ways to seamlessly interconnect digital and physical experiences. This will require a fundamental rethink of the approaches and tools for designing spaces in order to meet users’ expectations of greater flexibility and personalization.

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7. Synthetic realities

There’s a new kind of reality on the block. Generated and mixed realities are blurring the boundaries of “truth” and challenging how we value it.

As synthetic realities become more normalized in 2019, organizations should look past the drama and fear associated with them. Instead, they should hone new strategies to capitalize on their creative potential and manage the risk of unwittingly being featured in a synthetic reality created by someone else.

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In the next episode, we will start to explore the 2019 Technology Vision, the annual forecast of the technology trends most affecting businesses in the next few years from Accenture. There’re significant synergies between Technology Vision and the Fjord Trends, and we invite you to read more and explore.

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