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Fjord Trends 2019 – Part 2

Fjord Trends 2019 – Part 2 Accenture Luxembourg

Fjord Trends 2019 – Part 2 Accenture Luxembourg

Every year, Accenture identifies major trends and emerging technologies that will shape business in the next three years. In Fjord Trends 2019, we tackle the seven most important influencers of future design and innovation. In Tech Vision 2019, we explore five technology-driven trends that are creating the foundations for the post-digital era. Are you ready for what’s next?

3. Data Minimalism

Data’s headline appearances throughout 2018 distorted people’s understanding of the value exchange between data owner (you) and data user (organizations).

Expectations around how much people’s personal data is worth became falsely inflated, and the mystery surrounding how it’s used became a cause for concern. Moving forward, organizations must design for transparency, so that consumers can trust that they’re pursuing only the data they need to build new products and services, and that they’re using and storing that data responsibly.

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4. Ahead of the curb

Our cities are changing.

Around the globe, lines are blurring between public and private transport, passenger transit and item delivery. The problem is that cities aren’t keeping up, so insufficient regulation and lack of central planning have resulted in a free-for-all that’s leading to urban mobile service clutter and a fragmented user experience.

In 2019, organizations must start to consolidate mobility services within a single, coherent ecosystem built on real-time needs.

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5. Inclusivity Paradox

People expect organizations to see and engage with them as individuals.

But there is a risk that by trying to be more inclusive, organizations inadvertently exclude others. And by trying to speak to the individual, organizations risk saying something not quite right.

Eventually, artificial intelligence (AI) will help overcome this paradox of inclusivity. Until then, organizations must evolve their approach beyond stale segmentation to meaningful mindsets if they’re to meet developing expectations.

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Tune in to the next episode the last 2 trends of Fjord Trends 2019: Space odyssey and Synthetic realities.

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