Fjord Trends 2019 – Part 1

Fjord Trends 2019 – Part 1 Accenture Luxembourg

Fjord Trends 2019 – Part 1 Accenture Luxembourg

Every year, Accenture identifies major trends and emerging technologies that will shape business in the next three years. In Fjord Trends 2019, we tackle the seven most important influencers of future design and innovation. In Tech Vision 2019, we explore five technology-driven trends that are creating the foundations for the post-digital era. Are you ready for what’s next?

Today, we’re at a technological, political and environmental turning point. Two decades of rapid technology growth and innovation has generated enormous physical and digital clutter, leading people and organizations to question their role in it. This heightened consciousness is the meta trend for 2019: the search for brand value and relevance.

Fjord Trends dives into how greater consumer awareness will help brands and organizations think more carefully about their business choices in the year ahead:

1. Silence is gold

We’re seeing a dramatic escalation in the rate at which people disconnect, unsubscribe and opt out to stem the barrage of content and messages that clutter daily life. As consumers, we’ve come to realize that it’s no longer simply a lifestyle choice, but a serious mental health issue. As we put up more barriers between ourselves and digital technologies, organizations must learn how to offer value to users who crave quiet in a noisy world.

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2. The last straw

Our climate is changing and so is the way we’re thinking about it.

Our concerns about global warming, pollution and sustainability have experienced a cultural shift. Where once it was “too big to do anything about,” now it’s personal. In 2019, it won’t be enough for companies to simply acknowledge environmental concerns; consumers will expect commitment to be proven through action.

Organizations will need to redesign their systems and business models to fit the “circular economy,” where users are active participants, and sustainability is built into their products and services.

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Tune in to the next episode: Data Minimalism, Ahead of the Curb and the Inclusivity Paradox will be tackled.

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