Filip Westerlund (Our Choice)

“ Don’t overthink but try out your idea instead ”

Filip Westerlund, founder of Our Choice. (Photo: DR)

Filip Westerlund, founder of Our Choice. (Photo: DR)

Following the Start-up Stories: Round 4, event organised by the Paperjam + Delano Club on Tuesday 26 October, Filip Westerlund, founder of Our Choice, share his entrepreneurial vision.

Where did you get the idea for your startup?

Filip Westerlund. – “I always spent my summers on the Swedish west coast, and as a kid, that was my first meeting with the world. Back then, I already knew that I wanted to explore the world. Unfortunately, the winter storms bring in a lot of plastic waste, and every year we clean up our beaches and shores together in the community. 

I remember looking down at my feet and thinking ‘why am I cleaning up plastic waste while wearing the same material?’ The equation did not add up, and I started doing my research. That’s how the world’s first circular (entirely plastic free in a circular business model) sneakers came about and the idea for OURCHOICE.ECO was born. 

What are the qualities needed to launch your start-up?

“I’ve always been entrepreneurial so many things come naturally but if I think about qualities I’d say persistence and prestigelessness + being agile. Running a start-up is a lifestyle, and it is about making that a sustainable one even when under pressure and tight deadlines. It is a great journey to be on but sometimes it’s a matter of becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable, you need to practice to become better which goes for many things in life. 

Do you have any advice to give to those who are still hesitant to get started?

“Just start! Don’t overthink but try out your idea instead. This will lead to a natural thought process and innovation where you always trouble shoot and develop or tweak your ideas and the execution of them. At the same time, people will get to know you as an entrepreneur and relate more to what you want to do. The sooner you make mistakes – the better. Celebrate your mistakes and make that an important milestone and starting point of something better or bigger.”