Deloitte+SAP teaming for tomorrow’s Digital Enterprise

Christophe Vallet, Director | Consulting Digital & Technology – Deloitte Deloitte

Christophe Vallet, Director | Consulting Digital & Technology – Deloitte Deloitte

Far more than just fleeting encounters, business alliances have become indispensable for many large organisations to maintain a competitive edge. Deloitte and SAP are continuously developing a wealth of resources to help clients respond quickly to today’s challenges and get ahead of tomorrow’s.

Grounded in innovation

Through its time-honoured partnership with SAP, Deloitte continues to support organisations globally to transform their enterprise operations. Deloitte has been recognised globally with numerous SAP awards such as S/4HANA, digital core ERP, SAP Ariba and SAP SuccessFactors.

Deloitte and SAP are continuously developing industry-specific insights, accelerators, templates, preconfigured solutions, and a wealth of other resources to help clients respond quickly to today’s challenges and get ahead of tomorrow’s. Understanding where SAP solutions are going – and how SAP itself is transforming – has become central to Deloitte’s efforts. In tandem, the advent of the SAP digital innovation system is enabling companies to reimagine their business.

Acceleration, agility, added value

To help companies unlock the full potential of SAP technologies, Deloitte can deliver new use cases, integrated market solutions, and products specifically developed to accelerate the innovation cycle – while also helping clients strengthen their core business. Besides helping clients move fast with agile methodologies, preconfigured solutions, and proprietary accelerators in the digital core platform – SAP S/4HANA – Deloitte is also collaborating on innovative solutions to empower clients with SAP Leonardo.

To help clients navigate through a labyrinth of implementation challenges, Deloitte has been actively forging core capabilities in the SAP ecosystem. Deloitte and SAP have made significant investments in SAP S/4HANA, which includes co-development and co-innovation with SAP – testing and validating their new technology platforms and solutions. As an added value, Deloitte staff have been trained globally for the SAP cloud ERP solution so that when clients are geared for adoption, Deloitte is ahead of the game.

SAP values Deloitte’s contribution based not only on how the client can be helped, but also on clients’ satisfaction with having Deloitte as their SAP systems integrator. With a massive global network comprising more than 18,000 practitioners dedicated to SAP solutions, Deloitte is proud to have assisted more than 3,500 clients to efficiently implement SAP solutions over the world, and in particular 6 implementations in Luxembourg, and get the most from their SAP investments.

While the alliance between Deloitte and SAP comes with a long history, the partnership is ahead of its time and committed to helping clients address today’s biggest needs – leveraging the potential of cloud, the power of data, the strength of the digital core, and strategic innovation to get ahead of disruption. For many organisations wondering what it means to be digital today and what challenges tomorrow may bring, the search for answers may begin by teaming with Deloitte and SAP together.

Here is a recent client testimonial showcasing Deloitte+SAP partnership, illustrating how it can help clients to create value and transform their businesses.

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