PwC’s Global Fund Distribution Poster


José-Benjamin Longrée, partner, global fund distribution leader at PwC Luxembourg (Photo: PwC Luxembourg)

PwC Luxembourg has released today the 16th edition of its annual Global Fund Distribution Poster at the Alfi Spring Conference 2015. Since its first edition, the poster has become a reference tool for asset managers. It provides a concise portrait of global distribution of cross-border funds (10,430 funds in 2014), their home countries, target markets and distribution trends. Additional features include a ranking of the top 50 cross-border management companies, their target markets and their main distribution platforms.

“This edition highlights the continued strong growth of the cross-border fund industry, particularly in Luxembourg which saw an 8% increase in the number of cross-border fund registrations,” said José-Benjamin Longrée, partner, global fund distribution leader at PwC Luxembourg.

“The poster illustrates the extent of cross-border fund distribution over the last ten years, which has seen a compound annual growth rate for registrations of 11.4% during that time,” added Dariush Yazdani, partner and PwC market research centre leader.

GFD Poster PwC Luxembourg

Compared to the previous year, Luxembourg’s positioning in terms of domicile share of authorisations for cross-border distribution remained constant with a 67% market share, confirming the Grand Duchy’s status as a centre of excellence for fund distribution.

The 2015 edition of the poster shows the countries that are open to cross-border distribution and highlights the most dynamic markets: Switzerland in Europe; Singapore in Asia; Mauritius in Africa; Qatar in the Middle East and Panama in the Americas. Overall, Ucits net sales more than doubled in Europe between 2013 and 2014 and Luxembourg Ucits net sales in 2014 accounted for almost 50% of total Ucits net sales.

New features in this edition of the poster include a breakdown of the number of registrations by investment strategy (top 15 strategies). Equity Global, Equity Europe and Mixed Asset Europe have been the most successful strategies in terms of new cross-border registrations in 2014.