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Open Reply teams up with the ABBL

 (Photo: David Laurent / archives)

(Photo: David Laurent / archives)

Open Reply teams up with the ABBL to launch a series of 40 workshops, including a series on GDPR.

Open Reply, a digital transformation powerhouse, is already making a name for itself in Luxembourg as a leader in technology and innovation in the financial industry. After moving into its new and larger offices in Luxembourg last week (Allée Scheffer), Open Reply is partnering up with ABBL’s Digital Banking and Fintech Innovation Cluster (DBFI) to deliver a hands-on approach to enabling digital transformation among financial professionals in Luxembourg.

The result of the partnership is a series of 40 workshop-style courses on key fintech and data–related themes, such as GDPR, digital on-boarding or robo-advisory. Open Reply provides an overarching methodological approach to all workshops and delivers its expertise in several thematic fields. The first group of workshops currently being held at the ABBL premises is focused on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This reform on data management poses significant operational and technological challenges to financial services providers, amongst other industries, to meet the May 25th 2018 deadline. The workshops aim to demystify GDPR, provide practical and actionable guidelines as well as highlight key integrated digitally-enabled solutions that pave the way to compliance.

The contents of the workshops are built on a solid foundation of industry specialism, market trends and proven GDPR use cases (in the banking sector, in the retail industry and in telcos). Each workshop concludes with a group discussion that provides an opportunity for questions, insights and feedback from the audience. Representatives of the CNPD, the National Commission for Data Protection, join each workshop and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

Chairing the workshop series is Astrid Froidure, associate partner at Open Reply, who brings over 10 years of experience in delivering e-finance innovation, delivering complex functional projects and enabling organisational change.

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