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A new tool for CEOs and HR directors in Luxembourg

Marc Lamesch (BDO) et Pierre Van Wambeke (SeeZam) (Photo : BDO et SeeZam)

Marc Lamesch (BDO) et Pierre Van Wambeke (SeeZam) (Photo : BDO et SeeZam)

BDO Luxembourg is adding to its range of HR outsourcing services and – thanks to a strong partnership with SeeZam – consolidating its leading position by entering a fast-growing niche: secure and confidential management of digital payslips.

BDO Luxembourg and SeeZam S.A. are combining their respective areas of expertise to offer HR departments and employees a place to store important information with the highest levels of security in Europe: the virtual safe deposit box®. Payslips are deposited there automatically with the strictest security and can be accessed 24/7. Access is protected by LuxTrust.

The virtual safe deposit box is the result of SeeZam’s R&D and the expertise of BDO Luxembourg and its IT subsidiary Datagest in HR outsourcing applications. This innovative solution will be offered to BDO customers as well as to the company’s own employees.

Ultra-secure storage

The online virtual safe deposit box is a secure and reliable method for storing confidential electronic files containing details of individuals and companies: payslips, invoices, contracts, correspondence, photographs, passwords, etc. This digital solution is a “green” alternative to paper archives that require considerable organisation and space, and which are less secure by definition. For Pierre Van Wambeke, CEO and founder of SeeZam: “Companies are beginning to commit to a paperless future. HR departments are keen to avoid any lapses in security – even internally – or emails being sent to the wrong recipients and see their intranets as limited in scope. Storage in a virtual safe deposit box is the ideal solution, a new way of meeting the need for the exchange of confidential and sensitive information between an employer and an employee.”
Moreover, Luxembourg legislation enables private, encrypted and protected storage to be offered in a way that is unrivalled in Europe. Unlike in other EU member states, the system manager is not required to keep all the access codes and can therefore ensure that no content is accessed without the user’s password.

A secure process from end to end

BDO encrypts payslips using its brand new payroll software tailored to the Luxembourg market. Payslips are sent to a computerised robot, which then sends them via a secure channel linked to the SeeZam servers. The servers are hosted at P&T, which provides a further guarantee of security. On arrival, an individual protected storage area receives the documents. Only the owner of the virtual safe deposit box can open it.
The information therefore passes from one protected area to another. At no time are the documents sent at any risk of loss, alteration or interception.

A number of advantages

This jointly-developed solution offers a number of advantages: protection for data from loss, hacking or destruction, the high speed of data transfers, the guarantee of prompt, on-time delivery, the storage of legal documents, the preservation of information integrity, the ability to access documents online when abroad and the restriction of access to the virtual safe deposit box to authorised persons only.
Virtual safe deposit box owners can also store personal documents (copies of identity cards, credit cards, driving licences, wills, etc.).
According to Marc Lamesch, a partner at BDO: “As a leader in HR outsourcing services, BDO must keep abreast of all the latest innovations and offer solutions that meet the customer’s need for speed, security and guaranteed delivery”.

A strong partnership

The complementary expertise of BDO and SeeZam provides real synergies in the sense that the two companies have put in place an innovative technical solution that is 100% “made in Luxembourg”, which is already attracting the keen interest of a large number of our payroll customers.
BDO, which generates more than 20,000 payslips every month, is openly enthusiastic about the virtual safe deposit box®, which is sure to become an essential tool. It is clear that this initiative will also raise the profile of SeeZam, which has already received a number of accolades.