New ImCreo smartphone app at the ICT Spring 2013 event at LuxExpo

 (Photo: GenCreo)

(Photo: GenCreo)

ImCreo, the first product from GenCreo, was launched today as an iOS closed-beta version smartphone app to a limited number of users within the iOS developer community. The ImCreo app “automacigally” enables content creators to establish sharing and re-use permissions of their creative work, so everyone can instantly identify usage approvals, set by the creator. ImCreo visually encourages respectful behaviour and fair use of digital content, encompassing concepts of intellectual property rights.

ImCreo is designed to be used with smartphone cameras whereby users (creators) define the parameters/permissions for sharing and re-use (i.e. personalise) BEFORE publishing – whether to social media or digital libraries, etc.

The founders and co-founders have embraced the concept of entrepreneurship, specifically regarding collaborative innovation, and have launched at “warp speed”. Merely 24 days after meeting for the first time and being rewarded for their idea at the end of May (see below), they have already created a legal entity and are presenting their closed beta version at ICT Spring 2013, using the same platform shared by other enterprising speakers, including Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia.