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Luxury Hails From Luxembourg as Gold & Wood Celebrates Its 15 Year Anniversary as Leading Brand of Opulent Eyewear


On October 10, 2010 Gold & Wood will celebrate its 15-year anniversary, cementing its elite mark in the fashion world as the premier, luxury brand of eyewear. Headquartered in Luxembourg and founded in 1995, Gold & Wood eyewear is known for its exceptional handcrafted designs and has dressed the faces of celebrities like Stevie Wonder, Angelina Jolie, and Robin Williams. In 2009, Gold & Wood extended its lavish portfolio by unveiling a new line of eyewear collection for Boucheron. Through its strategic partnerships and unparalleled products, Gold & Wood has positioned Luxembourg as the reigning capital of LUX eyewear, just as fine chocolate has done for Belgium and high-end watches have done for Switzerland.

Sexy and opulent, Gold & Wood glasses are distinct in their design as each set is intricately handmade in the Luxembourg factory by 40 craftsmen performing over a 100 different operations to finish one pair of these little sculptures. Made from the most exotic woods and other unique elements such as diamonds, buffalo horn and titanium, each set of Gold & Wood eyewear receives careful attention in its creation. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reported that different brands of designer sunglasses are often manufactured by the same company. Gold & Wood sets itself apart from this industry standard through its workmanship and in-house production process, proving that quality and inimitable attention are unparalleled values.

"Passion and time drive the hands of the artisans who craft each component, one by one, in the purest tradition of exclusive eyewear. Taking the time to do it well: There lies the expression of the luxury that is valued so much by our clients," said founder Maurice Leonard.

In honor of its 15-year anniversary, Gold & Wood introduces its gold-colored Anniversary Edition aviators. What makes these spectacles truly unique is the treatment of the lenses, which are coated with 24 carat yellow gold on the female model and 18 carat white gold on the male. Additionally, the temples are fitted with beautiful polished buffalo horn and luxurious Acajou wood. The mixture of precious materials, indeed, make subtle references to the exclusive character the brand still stands for today. Gold & Wood is exclusively carried in high-end optometry offices throughout the USA.