Custom model for promoters and investment funds



Casa4Funds, specialized third-party management company in Luxembourg, today presents its custom model for promoters and investment funds.

Luxembourg counts as a favourite destination for setting up investment funds, both for Ucits and Alternative Investment Funds. However, “the cost for being compliant to the recent regulatory constraints increasingly encourages independent promoters to select a specialized management company in Luxembourg as a privileged local partner,” notices Arnaud Bouteiller, executive director and head of Casa4Funds in Luxembourg. Casa4Funds is chosen as preferred partner by mid-size and boutique investment specialists, initiated from various region of the world and willing to set up in Luxembourg. “Fund promoters reaching for Casa4Funds have a strong requirement to focus on their core business and expertise: asset management and investors prospection. They are looking to delegate all daily management and governance activities of their fund to a trusted partner. They turn to Casa4Funds as our offer allows them to do so, at a cost perfectly scaled to their project,” explains Arnaud Bouteiller.

A primary focus for management companies is the increased requirement for governance. With all the new regulatory aspects to cover, management companies embody the responsibility for strict controls and monitoring of all risk aspects of the funds, under the regulator’s supervision. Governance is central, to ensure shareholders protection on a daily basis. For third party management companies, the relationship with the fund initiates via a thorough due diligence, and carries on throughout the life of the fund. As Arnaud Bouteiller emphasizes: “For every new project, we conduct a precise analysis of a partner’s needs within a short time frame to offer a tailor-made solution and transform it into a concrete compliant governance solution. Throughout the life of a fund, we suggest and implement solutions to cover any upcoming regulatory requirement. Our clients strongly appreciate this close support, compliant with the local regulations, at every step of the way.”

While governance and risk management are the core business of management companies, Casa4Funds goes further with client services, offering a wide range of side services to facilitate their clients’ business in Luxembourg and worldwide. “Casa4Funds assists promoters in selecting their local business partners such as a fund administrators or custodian and supports their distribution and reporting requirements. Marketing services such as web site or factsheets designing are also part of our one-stop shop solution,” notices Arnaud Bouteiller. “With our flexible business model, we adapt both the governance to fit any risk profile specifically, and the service level to match any client structure requirements.”

Such custom approach attracts and reassures promoters looking to set up in Luxembourg, interested in a walk-along partnership, rather than a standardized service provider offer. Arnaud Bouteiller appreciates: “Casa4Funds’ team of specialists, presenting a wide diversity of backgrounds and experiences, gladly turns to life each client’s project, making Luxembourg the home of all their funds, and paving the way for the ManCo of the 2020’s!”