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Club Talk: How to regulate crypto-assets and NFT’s without killing them?

A look back at the Club Talk, which took place on November 17, 2021, about how to regulate crypto-assets and NFTs without killing them? 

How likely is it that crypto currency trading may be banned altogether? Our panel was divided! Almost every attendee at the event had a story of an investment into an NFT or a Crypto Currency, with some making significant earnings. The panel concluded that the key issue for regulators and authorities was not necessary to create new regulation but use existing rules on other financial services thus both protecting investors but also improving AML, as a significant proportion of current crypto trading does fall outside of the law.

The panel of experts was composed of  Nasir Zubairi (The Lhoft), Luc Falempin (Tokeny), Nadia Manzari (Schiltz & Schiltz) et Laurent Kratz (Neofacto Luxembourg).