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Comprehensive, holistic real estate advice


Crédit Photo: Loyens & Loeff

Loyens & Loeff’s cross-practice, international team provides comprehensive tax, legal, and regulatory advice for all aspects of a real estate transaction.

Loyens & Loeff is a one-stop shop for the real estate legal sector. Can you describe the scope of your services?

Ariane Brohez: We wanted to establish an integrated legal and tax group. We realised that the majority of real estate transactions starts with a tax question. How can we, from a tax standpoint, structure this transaction (acquisition, refinancing…) so that it is optimal in terms of cost and risk management? With our cross-practice team, we are not only able to advise on the right structures to put into place and implement them, but also assist our clients throughout their transaction and their investment lifetime from A to Z.

Véronique Hoffeld: Clients often get their tax and legal advice from different people, but we cover both bases at the same time. That’s not only more efficient but can also be more cost effective.

Georges Simon: Investors want to be aware of any potential risks and these can have a legal origin. This is where our due diligence services come in for answering key questions, like “if I buy this building and decide to sell it, what risks do I need to be aware of?”

VH: Yes, like checking that all the appropriate authorisations have been obtained.


Your advisory role is not limited to the Luxembourgish market.

AB: Thierry and I are also active on the Belgian market. However, our clientele in Brussels and Luxembourg are mostly international investment funds: German, French, and an increasing number of Asian actors who want to invest in Europe and Luxembourg. There are also numerous investment funds and platforms dedicated to European real estate investments structured and established in Luxembourg.  

GS: We also cater to a large number of long-standing Luxembourgish clients including individuals and property developers with substantial real estate portfolios.


Loyens & Loeff has a highly skilled team. What sets you apart from other legal practices?

AB: We have this unique combination of tax and legal expertises, and we support our clients throughout the investment lifecycle and partner with our clients to make their investments a success.

Our integrated approach is also a commitment to our team members. We want each of them to develop the right reflexes and have a holistic view on real estate and capitalise on our sector knowledge so that everyone has a basic understanding of all aspects of real estate.

Thierry Charon: In any other law firm you will very rarely find tax or VAT specialists as part of the core team.


How is the Luxembourg real estate market gaining traction?

AB: International tax environment plays a role. Luxembourg wants to keep its competitive advantage and still welcome holding companies and investment funds but in real terms, with activity, staff, and floor space. Working businesses call for real estate.

GS: Investors are looking for legal, political, and economic stability, not just an optimal tax environment. They are looking for legal certainty, which Luxembourg can offer.


We have this unique combination of tax and legal expertises in one team.