5 years of success for Hogan Lovells Luxembourg


Alexander Koch - Counsel, Luxembourg (Photo : Hogan Lovells)

Alexander Koch, counsel in the corporate practice of Hogan Lovells Luxembourg joined the firm at its initial launch and tells us about it.

You joined Hogan Lovells when the Luxembourg office opened, why?

One aspect was certainly because Hogan Lovells has a clear vision and core values which I fully relate to, and which we pursue and experience every day.


Further, given my multi-cultural education and professional background, the truly global reach and worldwide network of Hogan Lovells had a compelling appeal to me.

In my former position with another Luxembourg law firm I already had occasion to work with and alongside Hogan Lovells on international transactions and was easily convinced  of its seamless cross-office and cross-practice integration.

And then, it is of course always about people. The founding team members of the Luxembourg Hogan Lovells office, led by partners Pierre Reuter, Gérard Neiens and the late Jean-Michel Schmit, as well as the entire current corporate team around Marc Elvinger have been sources of inspiration and motivation.

What's new since you have joined Hogan Lovells? 

First, the legal environment in Luxembourg has evolved considerably with an avalanche of new legislation. One of the most prominent examples is the 2016 corporate law reform, the first comprehensive overhaul of the Luxembourg companies act ever. The financial arena has in my perception shown a steadily growing dynamic in recent years.  And with increased substance requirements, we see more clients establishing a true presence in the Grand Duchy. All these developments inspire and incite us to further raise the bar and offer an even higher quality service.

On the firm's side, Hogan Lovells has, throughout its global network, advanced in many areas and launched multiple initiatives, such as for instance regarding innovation  or a sector-focused client approach. Ambition being our driver, we work hard to achieve our goals of being an innovative, dedicated and, distinctive law firm.

What opportunities has Hogan Lovells provided you?  

Many in fact …

It is a continuous process proving a wide array of opportunities at all levels.

Who at Hogan Lovells has had a particular influence on you and how?

To name just a few:

  • obviously, the founding team members of the Hogan Lovells office for their enthusiasm, engagement and determination;
  • key players of our network who made the opening of the Luxembourg office possible:  for their vision, guidance and trust in us and Luxembourg; and
  • colleagues, in particular from the German offices with whom I have worked on many transactions over the past years and who have become trusted partners and close allies in all we do.

What has changed since the beginning of Hogan Lovells Luxembourg?

Quite a lot, some key elements will tell our story.

What's the Hogan Lovells' touch?

Everybody in the network is, to say the least, highly professional, collaborative, client-focused, having a value-adding approach. The Hogan Lovells' touch is yet transmitted by its distinct culture, with for example, excellence and citizenship at its center. You will find all the citizenship projects we are committed to on our website. In Luxembourg, we are specifically dedicated to Dress For Success, Art2Cure and the Ligue HMC.

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