Roland Ludwig (Chief Executive Officer)

“Advanzia is not a conventional bank”


Roland Ludwig: “The Paperjam Club has been valuable in allowing us to network and exchange ideas.” (Photo: Esther Jansen)

Advanzia Bank SA renews its Paperjam Club membership. Introduction in three questions.

Could you please, in a few words, describe for us your company’s activity?

Roland Ludwig. – “Advanzia is not a conventional bank. We are based in Munsbach from where we service most European markets, offering credit card solutions for consumers, business partners and financial institutions. We aim to offer simplicity and flexibility to our customers: a flexible payment method with unique product features, and co-branded payment solutions that increase customer loyalty for our business partners. Advanzia currently has 1.5 million credit card customers and around 200 employees, and we keep growing year on year.

You have just joined the Paperjam Club. What convinced you to do so?

“The Paperjam Club has been valuable in allowing us to network and exchange ideas. Advanzia has a very diverse and international workforce: our employees have an astonishing 27 nationalities. Paperjam workshops and networking events are a valued opportunity for our teams to enhance their networks locally, get to know the Luxembourg business landscape, and learn about new trends. As an English-speaking company, the English workshops on offer are a fantastic resource.

What in particular are you looking to get from the Club? And what does your organisation have to offer to other Club members?

“The Paperjam club offers a great platform to ensure that we stay abreast of trends and gain insight from businesses also operating in some of our target markets. At the same time, the Club allows us to raise awareness for Advanzia as a fast-growing bank and a great place to work. We have been growing consistently since our launch in 2005 and with that experience we bring both our success stories and our key learning curves to the club.”