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6 reasons why it’s hard to find love in Luxembourg

Much of the marketing promoting Luxembourg is aimed at couples or families, but is it also a good place to be single?

There are arguments on both sides of the debate. Finding your soulmate is a challenge wherever you are in the world and Claudia Neimeister , CEO of Luxdates has some great advice to identify why and what positive steps to take.

‘Don’t talk about work’ she says and ‘men should ask more questions’ are just a sample of her excellent advice that all soul-searching singles should hear. Society and gender roles continue to change, meaning that both men and women have had to adapt to the new environment.

‘It’s easier to persuade a woman to try a boxing lesson or go to a rugby class than persuading a man to go to a yoga class or a dancing lesson. They think I’m nuts, but in fact, that is where all the beautiful women are.’

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